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Touchpad/External MICE not working


 I have an HP ProBook 4520s that the touchpad is not working on. Interestingly enough, no external mouse will work either.  I cannot say exactly when the problem started happening since it is not my personal laptop, but here is what I have noted/tried.

PC is Windows 7, 32-bit, SP1.

1) Touchpad has a light in the corner that is not on at all. Tapping it has no effect.
2) Device Manager -> Touchpad and External Mice both load with Code 39 (Drive corrupt or not found).
3) Tried a system restore back 3+ months when I know it was working, did not fix.
4) Touchpad/Mouse does not work in Safe Mode
5) Touchpad/Mouse does not work with a Clean Boot or Diagnostic Boot.
6) Downloaded newest drivers for touchpad from HP and installed.
7) Removed current drivers for touchpad (uninstalled in devmgr) and deleted from PC. Redownloaded and reinstalled.
8) Noted the external mouse and touchpad only had 2 drivers in common, sys32/mouclass and sys32/mouhid . Deleted both files and replaced with known working files from a working machine of the same OS.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
1 Solution
SandeepSr System AdministratorCommented:
Have you checked in BIOS of your Laptop, whether Mouse is set to disabled etc?
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Hi, can you try booting from a live linux CD and verify that your hardware (touchpad, external mouse) are working?

If the hardware is working, you could try repairing the Windows installation or even a full reinstall of Windows after backup of your important data.
I was going to say I'd start with hardware conflict
as you have nicely pointed out that has a problem>>
Touchpad and External Mice both load with Code 39 (Drive corrupt or not found). <<
I take it this is owned by someone else so there is no data as to what they have done.
Have you run a scan for viruses just incase?
Viruses are know to cause these types of problems.
Are there any other devices with a problem? Like the DVD Rom?
Check by going to VIEW the tick to show hidden devices.
Browse through them.
Any problems with DVD rom?
Is there a name>Other devices?

Looks like Hardware conflicts that is for example something was plugged eg mouse
windows starts to auto install ( plug and play)
here's the  grey area where things may have gone wrong and an unknown device may have been created  causing a resource problem / conflict with touch pad with mouse and?
Usually when this happens two devices or more may be trying to use the same IRQ address or something like that.
I see you wrote that you tried installing new drivers>> in all instances Touch pad with Mouse.
Since the Laptop does not use a mouse natively why not remove the mouse and fix the Touchpad and keyboard.
Uninstall it and then re-install mainboard drivers or the drivers you know work for the Touch pad and keyboard ONLY!!

 I would remove all and any external devices especially this mouse
 try a system restore to a state prior to the problem
Code 39 (Drive corrupt ) for DVD rom
scs-serviceAuthor Commented:
After trying all these solutions (most of which I had already tried) I ended up just formatting and reloading windows, which I knew was a sure fix from the start. Thanks for all the responses.
scs-serviceAuthor Commented:
In the end, the only fix was to format and reload the Operating System, which I knew was a sure fix but stated in the opening question that I did not want to do that unless it was a last resort.

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