Word 2010 Table of Contents Font Size

I am creating a document that will be used as a desk reference.
I need the table of contents to be in a larger font than the standard Word 2010 table contents.
I do not see how to change that. When I hightlight the table of contents and then choose a larger font size, it remains the same.
Alex CampbellAsked:
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Norm DickinsonConnect With a Mentor GuruCommented:
Watch your font settings when you do the update - it may be reverting to a different style or default text attributes.
Just go to your table of contents and right click on the text you wish to enlarge, Text edit windows should pop up and allow you to either enlarge a particular text or entire row.
Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
Set up or choose a style and apply that style to the table of contents. You should just be able to click on a different style when the table of contents is already highlighted or click the little square just below the "Change styles" button to show the styles options in a little window.
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Alex CampbellAuthor Commented:
You are correct. I thought it was being selected and it wasn't.
Alex CampbellAuthor Commented:
However, when I do an update to the Table of Contents, it goes back to the old font size.
Alex CampbellAuthor Commented:
I was able to create a new Quick Gallery style with the larger font.
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