Server 2003 folder permissions

i was setting some folder security permissions and ran into an interesting problem.  I created universal security groups for different permission levels, i.e. "Folder XYZ Read Only".  In that group I added users who would need those permissions.  The problem came when I tried to add another security group ("Exec" for instance) as a member of the new group - those folks didn't get access.

I always thought you could add a group to another group for permission settings; am I wrong about that or am I doing something wrong?

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tmckinney01Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Question unanswered.  I'll just put the users in individually.
Did you set permissions on both share and folder? Also try reconnecting share if it is already mapped. Also check effective permission of the users/group having issues are not set with deny permission.
d0ughb0yPresident / CEOCommented:
Typically, you create a Local Group on the machine involved, and then add a Global Group as a member of the Local Group. Grant the permissions at the Local Group level, and add your users to the Global Group.

Also, be very careful about any Deny settings, anywhere. Denies are processed last, so any other permissions you set will be overwritten if there's a conflicting Deny anywhere in the permissions list.
tmckinney01Author Commented:

When you say "create a local group", do you me a "Domain Local Group"?  I have never used that option before.  In my instance, both groups were universal security groups.
tmckinney01Author Commented:
No answer.
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