how to check status of a drainstopped NLB cluster host

I am drain-stopping a host on a OWA NLB cluster (IIS7).  Basically I am getting ready to install Ex SP2 on a production system.  What counters should I use to show how many sessions are still active?  Been drainstopping for HOURS.  I know that this host will be listed as "stopped" when it is drained but I am impatient.....  

..or can you point me to a program or pre-made file that will work great..

please help.
stowyoAmericas Regional IT ManagerAsked:
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well the concept of drainstop is that the host will no more accept connections and, at the end, it will show as stopped.

Netstat -ano can help you check all the connection opened to this server but I usually run drain-stop for a few hours (typically 2 ~ 3 hours before intervention) and then I just stop it in the host
stowyoAmericas Regional IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
thanks.  yea, after running it overnight, I ended up just stopping it.
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