Exchange email problem sending messages only

We have started seeing all of our outgoing email backed up.  Incoming and internal are fine.  I did get an error on the queue of the exchange server that said read:
the pipleline has been stopped.  It was runnng the command 'get-message 0resultSize '1000' -ReturnPageInfo $true -SortOrder' +FromAddress' -server "my' -SearchForward $true -bookmarkObject $null -BookmarkIndex '1' -Includebookmark $false -Filter '((Queue -eq "servername\submission'))"
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BussRosConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have taken the 2003 out of the mix and all is fine again.
How do you send out emails smarthost or DNS?
Also make sure all your Exchange services are running on the server.
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BussRosAuthor Commented:
We send out through a smarthost on Mimecast.   A little background information.  We are moving from 2003 to 2010.  restarting the smtp service on our 2003 server fixed the issue.  We only have about 2 users left on the 2003 side so it is a weird issue that it would have those problems.
Do you set the " Send Connector" on Exchange 2010 Hub Transport server route external emails?
BussRosAuthor Commented:
no other comments addressed the solution
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