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Email notifs for a Tumblr newbie

Can someone help me understand how tumblr works and how to get notifications?  What I want is to get email updates when a change is made on a tumblr blog that I'm following, but it doesn't seem to have this capability.  All I can think of is that I can go to tumblr and it shows me updates to my subscribed blogs, but they're mixed in with other blogs that I don't know.  What is the point of folowing a blog then?  It doesn't seem to do anything special except show my support.  I want to get updates emailed to me ... via tumblr, not via a 3rd party site.
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Tumblr is a blogging and microblogging platform.  When a blog is setup, it can have "share" or email features included, or not included, from my understanding.

If you can point me to the specific tumblr blog you are trying to follow, I can look at their page and see if they have an email update option.

What email client are you using?  If you use an email client that supports RSS feeds, you can get RSS updates to your email client.

I follow a blog hosted on tumblr called Men in Blazers (soccer/football commentators).

They do have a newsletter signup page, a podcast, and they also have an RSS feed.

Take a look on the right-hand column and you will see an RSS icon -


Let me know follow-up information and I can help you more specifically.
theras2000Author Commented:
Hey, thanks for your response.  Yeah I can see the email subscription bit on your blog.  2 examples of mine are these http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/ & http://mamrie.tumblr.com/ and they don't have them, so I understand.  I'm not interested in RSS so I'll just have to use changedetection.com to track the changes.

So one final part of my query that I don't understand is, what's the point of clicking Follow in the top-right?  It seems to add that blog to the stream I see when I go to just www.tumblr.com, but that stream has other random ones too.
I just went through and registered on tumblr itself (hadn't done it before).

My take on the "Follow" is that Tumblr, like other websites, would like to know more about YOU, so that they can take advantage of that information sometime in the future to monetize (e.g. targeted advertising like Facebook or Google's gmail targeted advertising).

I've also noticed a trend of weekly email recaps (led by LinkedIn) where they take your list of interests (or friends, in the case of LinkedIn) and create a summary email of the week that drives traffic back to their selected articles or other pages.

For Tumblr, I'm betting that they are looking to drive traffic to certain blogs so that existing bloggers feel "good" about Tumblr, tell their other friends, and more blogs are started and hosted on Tumblr, creating a virtuous cycle.

I'm also thinking that they are putting "random" blogs in your stream based on certain user profile characteristics that they've assigned to you.  You likely fit one or more personas they've created, and they promote:
1. Blogs you follow
2. Random blogs that fit a persona that they have defined and you match and algorithmically rotates into your blog stream.

Hopefully that made sense and wasn't too convoluted.

Let me know if I'm answering the intent of your question.
theras2000Author Commented:
Yeah I suspect you're right about how Follow works, and certainly you've explained how blog's can provide email notifs, if they want.

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