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sql server 2008 r2 changing default port

The security folks are telling me I have to change the default port for my sql server from 1433.  I am not sure how to do this and also after I do it how will a client connect through a web interface to the sql database.  Any links that explain this for sql 2008 R2 would be appreciated.  Can I pick any port number or do I have to get a specific one or range I should pick from.
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
if your browser service is enabled (which i dont prefer to ) , then you dont really have to make any changes to the connection string otherwise, while the connection string should specify the port number ( servername : portnumber ) while making a connection.

select any random port above 4000
in the Protocal for SQlExpress ==> TCP/IP (enable) ==> properties (IPAddress tab)

At the IPAll

1.) fill blank at the TCPDynamic port.

2.) fill 1433 at the TCP port.

3.) restart SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) of SQL Services Services again.

4.) At the cmd DOS command. type the "netstat -na" . You will find TCP 1433

refer URL : http://serverfault.com/questions/194418/cant-open-port-1433-on-window-server-2008-attempting-to-connect-to-sql-server
kdschoolAuthor Commented:
So if I select 4010 and then in my connection string put that number in then it knows to find it with that port number?  would there be any impact if another server on the network had the same port number?
kdschoolAuthor Commented:
Both answers were excellent.

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