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12 year old, PR4 Automotive Website, well known, should I buy it for e-commerce / SEO? $2,700

12 years old
6 EDU Links
Yahoo Directory Listed

Magestic SEO:
RDD 1,270
RDP 879
BLP 8157
BLD 13521

There's a website for sale, it's a .net but it's backlinks are all genuine, the website belonged to a company that changed its name.

Someone is selling the domain and for $2,700

All/most of the backlinks appear to be genuine.  The company spent thousands on advertising previously.  backlinks are car related and could probably help the site score well for car parts or for a powerful blog.

Sorry I can't post the url yet, once / if I buy it I will post the url.

The site is automotive related so it ranks well for certain cars but it does not already rank high for parts.  So it might rank high for "BMW Race Car" but not "BMW Exhaust System".

The company's name is not trademarked, so I believe I can trademark this name.

I suppose given the choice I would rather own the domain than keep the money in the bank.  Given this information what do you think is best?
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A couple of things to consider
Ranking and backlinks are for the current site as it stands now (or did).  If you change the content then that ranking will/may not be relevant anymore and the backlinks may be removed if the site owners deem it's no longer relevant to link to the site.
RonPaulAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention, there is no content, just the domain
How long has it been empty of content?  The ranking is probably already going downhill.
I would suggest buy a .com and spend the time building your own seo as it's unlikely you would be able to maintain any seo advantage the old site had.
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RonPaulAuthor Commented:
Last archive.org original content was around jan 2010
In that case I would question the validity of the ranking and backlinks and suggest they are probably spamming the results.
Buy an expired domain, spam the links to it etc to build up its 'reputation' and then sell it on for a ridiculous amount of money
No-ones been interested in it for over 2 years - probably for good reason.
You will gain no advantage with Google or any search engine. Ignore PR4 - its irrelevant as an indicator of the SEO for a site.
Directories are also no longer that relevant to SEO - Google hasn't used them in years.
You can get lots of figures for a site but it doesn't mean the site will show in the search engines - only good seo will do this.
You are also entering a market that is probably competitive - so you will need to do a lot of seo optimization to get the site ranking high.
RonPaulAuthor Commented:
I checked all the backlinks, they are legit.

They are automotive related to racing, but I sell aftermarket parts, so it's similar but not the exact anchor text that I want.  I could always start more SEO that focuses on the parts though.

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