what is disk I/O rating for hitachi or seagate hard drive

I have a hitachi Z7K320-250 hard drive and a seagate ST3320413AS. How can I find out what the disk I/O rating is for these hard drives?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can run a disk test software like :
hdtune  http://www.hdtune.com/
It's always best to test with a benchmark suite that closely approximates the real life application, so sustained throughput is an important number for copying large files, while random access time is a good metric for reading lots of small files and database use.  Both are available from HDTune, but a more thorough test is IOZone http://www.iozone.org/.

For a rough estimate, 1000 divided by the random access time in millisec will give you the number of I/O's per second.
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