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editing photo

Is there any free software available to help me edit my photoes. I need to remove or less the hand hairs on my photos so it doesnt appear a lot. Like lightening the hand hair etc...
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
You can also use Windows Live Photo Gallery for these types of corrections (Retouch function).Windows Live Photo Gallery - Retouch functionIt's FREE and easy to use.
My favorite is Google's Picassa


It has a large number of option, but one I really like is that it understands photos with location information and can show where a photo was taken on a map.

If you use iPhone, and setup the Camera to use Location information, all your iPhone photos can be put into picassa, fixed up, cropped, enhanced, etc., and then uploaded to Google's own photo site.  If you have a gmail account, you already have 5 GB of photo storage that you can allow (or not) others to see if you wish.

Picassa -- works great, and is free, and pouplar.


PS: IF you have a gmail account (or want to create one) you can upload photos to

Check out one of my albums here:  https://picasaweb.google.com/117693125290660564563/August2012SamsungWB150?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCJngzaCQj6WGxgE&feat=directlink

Multiple albums, photo sharing, etc.
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Picasa sucks no offence personal experience. in that it loads all your images into a duplicate folders taking up space just for itself.
Can you post a photo you want touched up so I can test my free tools.

Reducing the amount or colour of hairs on a hand is not as simple as it sounds.
I use Faststone Image Viewer, its free and multi-functional
Disk space is a non-issue, see below.

Editing hand hair is not possible with picassa, however you can "soften" an image to reduce the clarity of it.

Here's a list of what picassa can do


Picasa does what iPhoto does on a Mac. leaving the original photos untouched. If you have a small hard disk, it might be of concern.

If you had 50,000 photos (most don't have that many) and each was 2 MBytes (most are smaller) it might take up about 100 GB on a hard disk. Most laptops these days have 320 GB or 500 GB hard disks.  Your concern about memory size is unfounded.

Picassa also shows a LOT more detail about each photo than most editors, including showing the location information in either Lat/Lon format, or on a map. It has numerous touchup tools, and can post photos for others to view as mentioned earlier. It can save files on a folder of your choice (like a 2nd hard disk or external USB disk) and can backup to any directory.

PS: For those with Mac, using iPhoto, picassa is similar in many respect to iPhoto.

Believe what you wish.

I actually use different photo editors for different things. Picassa can crop, and make changes to brightness, contrast, etc., sharpen or reduce sharpness, change tone/color effects, etc., so it's a pretty full-featured general photo library manager with upload and e-mail capability. For specialty editing, photoshop, or maybe even one of the other programs suggested here might work, but most photos don't need that level of editing unless you're in the photo publishing business, in which case a Free program wouldn't really hack it anyway.
Yeah so do I, use many different tools for different jobs
I have professional tools and free tools.

We can throw a ton of tools at him but it's all guess work until I see the complexity of what he wants.
To fix a lot of dark hair on an arm or similar he'd need to use a magic wand or selection tool with layers
Or adjust the noise is some way
filters such as healing/softening tool Blur it. Gaussian is probably best for this, and use a radius just large enough to make the hairs vanish.
Use the Replace Color of the hair with the skin color.  
Then the hair matches the skin,  
Photoshop. is one such tool not free
Coral Paintshop Pro which I use, scratch remove tool
Gimp has a few
I  used Paint dot Net to show him for this trick of removing or reducing hairy arms.
This is using The Noise Filter
Drag and drop your image on as an image then go to filters/reduce noise, be aware of the entire photo results. Do subtle changes and use copies and use the Undo.

Reduce Noise Filter in Paint dot netRadius Filter settings with Preview Paint dot netBefore and after results
Try this one with a free tool see how you go
Dark Hairs
The images you posted as a challenge are simply too small with too little detail for any reasonable editing filter to work very well. Try your own program on the 6KB image.  

Fortunately, I don't have any photos of people that hairy, but I do have photos of squirrels and rabbits, and other zoo animals, but the hair on them is to be expected so I can't imagine a scenario in which I'd want to remove the hair on them.

It looks to me like your original photos were far more detailed (more pixels) and of course, more pixels gives these programs more to work with, more things to repair, etc.

The features I use involve organizing, fixing hue, contrast, brigthness, detail, and cropping which is easy with Picassa, and uploading photos is also easy, and it keeps copies of the original automatically so I don't have to keep originals and copies myself. In that way, it's more like iPhoto, which by the way, can't fix the low quality hairy arm.

And hard disk space is not an issue for me, I have a few terrabytes on my network drives, and several USB 3.0 drives to keep a photo library, along with other collections.

Have fun. PS: I really don't know anyone with that much hair on an arm, and absolutely no females with that much hair. I'm lucky I guess <<grin>>
 I just found them for illustration :)
hand hairs arm hairs  :)
I am not limited by the size of an image, it really boils down to the right tools.
Free tools are limited however some success can be achieved with knowledge and experience.
We just don't know the complexity of the photos pauledwardian has so I'd wait till he can provide this details to better assist him.
All he said>> I need to remove or less the hand hairs on my photos so it doesnt appear a lot. Like lightening the hand hair etc
Using Coral Paint with magic wand and adjustment to de-speckle with Salt and Pepper filter
Here's an example of the complexity
Not great but made a difference
Salt and Pepper FilterBefore AfterI also have tons of space, it was only a point that Picasa is hooked into the net and copies all and any photo on the HDD creating folders for itself everywhere it finds a photo.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Nair for your arms ;-)


I too would really be curious to see the type of thing you are thinking of editing, if it would be possible to attach an example image.

Can I make a suggestion if you intend to try a few free image editing programs.  Look and see if there is a "portable" version of the software.  A "portable" version is intended to allow the software to run from a USB Flash Drive and not write settings to the host computer's registry.  It does this by writing to its own configuration file in the folder where it is being run from on the removable drive.  As long as you configure it in the program options NOT to associate itself with any of the image file extensions, then you can try out portable versions from a USB Flash Drive OR from a local folder without it changing your Windows settings in the registry.

Some portable software comes as an Installer package, but it just works as an unpacker really.

Examples of Portable image editing programs:

Gimp Portable:

Fotografix (it's portable anyway):

PhotoFiltre Portable:

FastStone Image Viewer/Editor:
http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDownload.htm (see "portable" link there)

XnView Portable:

Personally I like the features vs speed and simplicity of Fotografix, which I recently discovered.  It's not Adobe Photoshop, but given that many people who spend a fortune on  Photoshop only need or ever use the features that are present in the free Fotografix, why not try it out.

The reason that I have listed a couple that appear to have very limited editing features is simply that I believe your example of making a hairy hand appear to be less hairy is probably best achieved by "softening", and the above editing programs have the softening effect.

A "Clone Tool", where you set one part of an image as the source area and then "paint" it across onto another area of the image, would only be useful to you if (on the same arm, hand, or other body part in the image) has a skin tone and texture that would look normal when cloned across onto the hairy hands to make them as smooth as a baby's ass.  When cloning using a program's tool, you normally have some control over how opaque or transparent the overpainted layer will be, and how dense it will be.  By experimenting, you can sometimes apply a very transparent layer from another part of an image without totally obscuring it, but just enough to disguise what you are painting over.  Another method is creating a softer layer of the same part of an image, setting it as quite "see through" and then allowing the original image to lie right under that layer so as to make it seem softer.

I actually like the clone tool in the Fotografix program, and the fact that the layers are very easy to work with.
OMG  those are NOT my arms
you know better BillDL ( grins) but thank you for the tip.
Maybe the asker should encourage the people in his photos to use it since he asked about removing hairs from hands :P
You mean that you don't have the "Shaver Tool" in your version of paint Shop Pro?
He, he.
I still don't think an image that has been reduced in size, less detail, can be edited as easily as one with the original pixel density. I've been editing photos too, and reducing the image size is the LAST thing to do AFTER any editing.

The image provided of the chimpanzee's arm was already reduced in size, and a real challenge. And the edit job shown on that image looks worse than the original hairy arm <<grin>>

Thanks for the tip on the shaver tool.  I did some hunting with google and found a "Barbershop" toolbox snap-in and it works great !!
@ BillDL
LOL !!!!
Ok I tried the razor in
Paint Dot Net
Modified in Paint Dot Net
pauledwardianAuthor Commented:
I hope you know I was just kidding about the Razor in Paint.Dot Net
We were just horsing around  ;)
You didn't make one comment or ask any further questions.
I take it you found some answers from our comments.
Glad to have helped.
Thank you Paul.
The way the points were allocated makes little sense unless it was based on "funny" vs. "actual" answers.

Look at the answers that got 100 points. They're not all answers nor helpful.
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