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Where can I buy satellite Bandwidth?

I have a project at work where we connect a piece of hardware to the internet using air cards.

we  are having to work on some remote locations that don't have any cell phone towers.

Does anybody know where I can get some satellite bandwidth to test our equipment.

Hughesnet will just not work with what we are doing.

my boss what's to have his own satellite for this project. can anybody just buy a satellite?

I thought it was funny when he said it but he is not joking......

thank you in advance.
3 Solutions
HughesNet sells different levels of service... what do you mean they "will just not work"?
Did you see http://business.hughesnet.com/plans-and-pricing ?

I would guesstimate the cost of purchasing and launching a satellite into geosynchronous earth orbit to be $100 million and up, with the cost of the communications satellite itself to be $50 to $60 million.

But for $100 million I'll buy a ditchwitch or three and hire contractors to run fiber about anywhere you want... and I bet we'll get it done before any company can build you a satellite and get it into GEO.

    Good Evening.  Been doing transportable VSAT for Disaster recovery for years.  Best in the business in my mind is the TracStar (Cobham) units..  

     Depending on where you are deploying and how much bandwidth you need they have anything from a backpack unit to a Large 2.4 Meter dish.  But most importantly there Automatic Control Unit is the best in the business.  An you can buy a full package from them or you can bu hardware from them and service from anyone of a half dozen providers.

     I will try and PM you a name and phone number..
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    Can't find a way to send you a private e-mail..

    Call Tracstar and ask from Dale Eble..  
LENEROAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much..

    Yes, That is correct..
LENEROAuthor Commented:
I just updated my profile for some reason I thought I had updated it

thanks again

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