how do i edit a flash file with an extension of .swf and a graphic .png using adobe flash and adobe photoshop cs3 extended

I am working on a website that has a flash object (home001.swf) as a banner and a logo graphic made in adobe, but I sm not familiar with adobe. I have bought the adobe master collection cs3 to edit the graphics but have no clue. Need serious help
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quizengineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@Dushan911 - decompiling a swf (turning it back into a source .fla file) does not in itself break any law. But, if the original swf is copyrighted material, and ID10Tz does not have the permission of the copyright holder to use / modify the swf, then (depending on the laws of whichever country this is all happening in) copyright law may have been broken.

But if ID10Tz is the owner of the swf, or ID10Tz has the permission of the copyright holder to use / modify the file, then no law has been broken, and the use of a swf decompiler is not illegal.

@ID10Tz - You cannot edit a swf file. You must turn it back into a source Flash document - a .fla file. One way to *try* to do this is to use a swf decompiler. Google the term 'swf decompiler' to see software that is available. You should know that decompiling a swf doesn't always work, particularly if the original author has taken other measures to try and protect their work.

It's always the best policy / most reliable outcome to try and work from the *original* source fla.

If you manage to get / recreate the fla and need further help on editing the fla, then please ask for further help, ideally posting the fla to the question, along with the media that you would like dropping into it.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
You can't edit .swf files without Illegal cracking software.
You have to find the source .fla flash source file to edit it correctly.

Also similarly regarding the graphics .png file you have to find the .pst Photoshop source file.
ID10TzAuthor Commented:
i have neither.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Please try to get it from the originally created person. There is no much lucky with reverse engineering.
ID10TzAuthor Commented:
it worked.
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