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Hi Experts

I have 100 + applications written in Delphi 5 and using BDE and interbase XE I am getting $210D errors and it has been advised to move from the BDE as it is not supported any more What suggestions do you have to move to.

Some update programs have 2 - 3 Databases and up to 30 Tables depending on the customers requirements. What is the quickest and easiest solution

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I would start by importing the data into IB and learn SQL.  Play with a throw-away project, so you can get used to retrieving/displaying/updating data with dbExpress.

Once you are comfortable with dbExpress, look for some place in your application that only uses one or two tables.  Convert the BDE controls and code in that part OF A COPY OF YOUR APPLICATION and test vigorously.  The Delphi experts can help you with code, but you'll need to post the unit and give the experts some idea of what they aren't seeing in your post (data description, data-related controls on your form, etc.)
I offer to use delivered with Delphi native Interbase components.
Sinisa VukCommented:
My guess too. There are some tools which can help you to import db structures (tables/fields/indexes/data).
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It might be worth the money to hire an expert to do the code conversion.  Consult the EE jobs topic area.

We are here to help you, but this isn't a trivial task, unfortunately.  I've urged Borland/Codegear/Embarcadero to create code migration tools ever since they announced the end-of-life for the BDE.
KevinfeeningAuthor Commented:
Thanks but that isn't an option the company I work for would drop the product and use another so I need some advice or a new job

If I use the interbase components is there any conversions

or do you have any other options
KevinfeeningAuthor Commented:
Thanks it will try that

Also I was looking at the IBDatabase, IBTransaction, IBTable etc are they an option
I have created a project updating a file after a change and it works OK
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