Run 3 screens on HP8100 Elite small form-factor PC

Hey experts

I would like to know how to run 3 monitors on an HP8100 Elite small form-factor PC. Can you please let me know if this is possible and if so what Graphics card would be suitable. Links to suitable products appreciated.

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We actually have some HP's configured with 3 monitors. Any video card that will fit in the SFF case and supports dual video should work. You would use the onboard intel as the 3rd. We use the Jaton 348pci-lp which seems to work fine.
You can use USB Graphic Cards that utilize the DisplayLink Technology. They are fine for business graphics, but not for video or gaming.

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Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
Here are the specs for your computer.  There is a PCI-Express x16 slot and then (3) PCI slots.
I would qualify that as any PCI video card should work with the onboard video.  In most cases, a PCI-e video card will turn off onboard video, so you can't use both.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Useful to know that the onboard isn't disabled when a PCI-Ex16 graphics card is attached.
You can use both the VGA and DisplatPort adapters at the same time already (as long as the monitor attached to DP is powered when the machine boots otherwise it's not detected).

As the onboard stys active then aim for a low profile PCI-E with a DMS-59 output and splitter cable which will give you a choice of digital or VGA output or both!

HP recommend the AMD HD 6350 512MB  but cheaper DMS-59 cards are available.
Amiga-2000Author Commented:
THanks everyone. I was plying with my Desktop and was able to use the onboard along with a dual output card giving three in total. Something that wasn't possible years ago. You live and learn. THanks everyone.
Amiga-2000Author Commented:
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