Can I customize a PayPal donate form? 0r, am I better off passing custom variable to PayPal and having PayPal pass them back?


I need to capture two additional fields of data which my standard PayPal donate form does not automatically capture.

I need to capture the following two additional fields:

1) Title/Occupation
and -
2) Employer

My questions are:

1) Can I alter the PayPal donate form to capture these fields? If so, how?
or -
2) Can I pass these two custom variables to PayPal and then have PayPal pass them back?

If I can alter the PayPal donate form, how do I do so?

If I have to pass these two custom variables, how do I do so? AND, how do I get them back to capture them via PHP/MySQL or other solution?

Thank you for your help!

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evibesmusicConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

The answers to my two questions above are:

1) No, you can not manipulate the donate form offered via the PayPal Standard account. The form that PayPal offers is non-negotiable.

2) The way to capture additional pieces of information is to create your own form, which asks the user for the information you need.  Upon form submission, the information provided by the users can be sent to PayPal using the following variable: "custom".

To send multiple values within the variable "custom", you must concatenate the values.

The values that you will send to PayPal will be captured with the "Transaction History" section of your PayPal account.
nanharbisonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you can add as many custom variables to the paypal form as you want, they are ccalled passthrough variables, see this article:
evibesmusicAuthor Commented:
Not much assistance by the Expert but, the solution I wrote by studying the link sent by the expert will work.
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