connect Linux via Android SVTP tether

I have an Android Charge with SVTP WiFi hotspot I've been using for several months on my Windows laptop. I would like to USB tether this to my Linux (Slackware) system. I've connected the droid via USB to my Linux host and turned on tether mode in SVTP. Now what?

Has anyone done this?

I'm using Slackware distro 13.37.0, kernel
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You would be best asking SVTP about this.  Your linux distro may not have the required drivers or software to work via USB.

Is there a WiFi tether option available, could you use that instead?
jmarkfoleyAuthor Commented:
Yes there is, but I've not used WiFi with Linux either. How do I go about that? I've not done anything with Linux net interfacing other than an actual network card with cable. I have a Cisco Valet USB sitting right here ... or would I be ahead to use a wireless card plugged into the machine? How would I select among available wireless networks with WiFi? Questions, questions!
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