active directory migration

I have a new domain controller setup.

I need some steps or check list to copy the settings from the old domain to the new.

Also how do i handle redirection for roaming profiles.
The new domain controler is 2008 and the other domain is 2003 hope im making sense

Looking for a check list.
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achaldaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check this active directory migration guide

Do you really need to create new domain? You can promote the new domain controller in existing domain and demote old domain controller later.
ashdennisAuthor Commented:
Ok those two link helps.

Yes there is a need for a new domain controller.

1. ADMT installed and migrated some users with password (ok)
the new domain architecture setup and the relevant OUs created

2. 2008 server install however the domain level is at 2003

3. Trust relationship between old and new domain


2. Steps to move to the new domain as seamless as possble
3. How to handle folder redirection
           a. that already exists and the file permissions for the old domain.
           b. how will i have the uses of the new domain seamlessly access their redirect on the new domain (desktop, my documents etc).
4. Dont want to break my current environment setup such as sharepoint, and user group previlages.

I may have other questions after.

I would appreciate a checklist sort of message. Thanks new to this.
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