Connect Two PBX Nortel BCM 450 together using wireless connection

Hello EE,

Please I have two PBX Nortel BCM 450 each building have one. the two building connect together by wireless connection through ASA 5550. Please is there anyway to connect these building by wireless connection. I mean the range of number of first building is 3000 and for second building is 4000 I want to made wireless connection between these PBX

Thanks for any help

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Good Evening,

    Looking at this site, and depending on the type of Wireless link and the Distance between the two sites.  My first impression would be yes as they list Multi site/Network as a capability.  Use SIP between them and then setup the appropriate dial plans.

    You need to contact them directly, or your dealer for more in depth help.


What system licences/capacity do you currently have in both systems? It is definitely a function of the system and I've configured multisite nortel systems previously. The problem may be your licensing given that Nortel no longer exists...

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