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I have searched everywhere for over a week to try and resolve this issue but have had no joy yet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am doing a website for a printing company and they need their clients to be able to upload files that can be 100mb at times.

We have a file upload working but it is flash based and this causes issues in the industry with mac vs flash. I am looking for a non flash solution that will allow upload of large files with a progress bar and working on a hosted server with php settings not allowing large files.

There must be a way around this as the flash uploads large files. Dont mind paying for a solution that works.

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Andrew DerseConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
GuruI completely agree with you on the progress bar.  I have people who do that all of the time...refresh the page before it's even complete.

I would say to check out and post your project there...some sites allow others to bid on your project so you can get it done fast and inexpensive.
You have 2 issues here:

1) Uploading 100MB files to a shared hosting environment is just not going to work out, you would need access to both Apache and PHP config files to modify the maximum upload size and also all of the timeouts/keepalive settings.

2) Showing a "progress bar" during the upload requires an asynchronous connection, which plain old HTML and POST is not going to give you.

Another factor to take in to consideration is how long it is likely to take some people (those with typical consumer grade broadband) to actually upload a 100MB file using HTTP.

With this in mind you have a couple of "workable" solutions available to you.

The first is a "quick & dirty" solution, where your client provides their clients with FTP accounts and lets them upload to specific directories on the server. This solves connectivity and size issues, and is the least intrusive.

The second means moving away from shared hosting to a dedicated server, installing Apache with Tomcat and then using either an open source or "paid for" Java file upload utility, that will run in most browsers as an embedded app and will use FTP to upload asynchronously to a directory of your choosing, plus POST to any backend script you have to update a database.
Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
Yes, you will need to get your hands deep into jQuery and jQuery UI as well as modify some of the php.ini variables in order to accomplish this request.

You might consider looking to hire this out if you don't have the skills to code in PHP or jQuery.  I've built something similar to this, but without a progress bar...
kennedypd1Author Commented:
Hi Nukit

Only suggested the progress bar as I have a feeling clients will refresh or leave page before upload finished if no indication of how far to go.

Do you have an idea of cost for this.

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