How to combine java code and google maps

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A couple of months ago I asked the following question:

"I have to develop a program that can display the sites on a map where certain plants have been found.  How do I start doing this in Java. It has to fit into a Java Swing application.
The data will come from a Access Database and I know how to make contact to Access.
Looking forward to your answer"

and I got the answer from Doug:

"I would suggest using Google maps to display the location of the plants (
coupled with a component for showing HTML within the Swing app:"

This answer looked promising, but I don't understand how to utilize the HTML/Java Script within the java code, for instance to open the Google Map in a JPanel and add some markers on the map. Can you give me a little more assistance on this, please
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JorgenAxConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The suggested solution was partly a good one, but I never managed to import XML code to the HTML file using AJAX. The connection was blocked becauses I  have both the homepage and the XML file on the same computer. This was blocked for security reasons

I have now solved the problem in another way. I have imported a java script file into another HTML-file.
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