Do I run XenApp 6.5 on Physical or Virtual Server?

In a perfect world, is it better to run XenApp 6.5 on Physical or Virtual Servers?
I am in the process for planning a new 6.5 farm and need to plan purchases.

Server OS will be Server 2008 R2
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As a System Administrator using Citrix in both Physical and Virtual server my take on this query is as follows:

Physical (pros)
- user density per server is higher than physical
- better performance than VM

Physical (cons)
- In relation to Virtual Server physical server maintenance time and effort is much higher
- Much Higher down time during roll back after any system/application upgrade

- Much easier to manage VM than the Physical machine
- Rollback time after any upgrade is very quick and easy if snapshot is taken before the upgrade
- Provides better redundancy and High Availability
- Server deployment is much faster and easier
- many other

- Per server user density will be slightly less than Physical server

In comparison, it has become well accepted fact that due the flexibility, redundancy and high availability provided by the Virtual environment,  increasing numbers of XenApp deployments are happening to Virtual Servers.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Both are perfectly acceptable and supported by Citrix.
Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyCommented:
Check experiences of different people at following thread,
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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Its good to go for virtual machine. Its easy to manage. Only thing you need to look into storage end.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
It is very controversial a subject. Better utilization of resources on a virtual environment thus reducing costs vs. the full power of a physical server for each XenApp albeit at a higher cost.

Frankly speaking a XenApp environment will do equally well if appropriately planned and implemented.

Personally I would prefer a virtual environment - scalability is easier at way less costs, let aside the manageability.
I would say virtual has lot more than physical. To start with, you can go with virtual servers, get some pilot users and test the performance. Although CPU intensive applications runs well on virtual as well on latest Xenapp Version, you can certainly compare the performance by testing it with pilot users.

With Virtual, you can instantly provision Citrix provisioning servers and stream OS to desktop, xenapp servers. This gives you more flexibility and saves you more on storage and cost. May be you may not require these features currently, but in a long run when you plan for a XenDesktop/PVS this will certain help you. Another most important factor is DR, which you can easily achieve using Virtual.
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