Video popup after login to Domain via script


We have an animation that we have done, and would like to display it after the users log into the network.  We would like it to pop up in a window, and the idea is it plays the animation to promote some Safety messages, with the 'Click Here' to jump to the Saftey web site at the end of the video, and record their click not to pop up then next time.

My thoughts are display a flash video in an seamless internet explorer window, and when they click on the video, it closes the frame and opens the web site.  It will also stamp in the registry under Current User so they will not get the pop up net time.

Before I jump into coding and getting this done, I throw this out to the community to get your comments!

How would you do it?
What video format?
Do I do it as an executable?
Login script or Group Policy?

Any help here would be appreciated.. even if you have some examples.

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Snappa2000Author Commented:
Looks like the easiest way is to do it as a SWF with a hidden transparent button over the video.  And this will run in a Internet Explorer window.

Thanks for your help.
Jared LukerCommented:
My initial thought would be to execute the VLC portable executable to play the video.  The only problem with that is that is ALL it would do.
Snappa2000Author Commented:
Tested multiple options, and the SWF was the easiest
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