Yahoo Messenger 10


i seem to be having an unusual problem with my yahoo messenger.

it seems every 10sec to 24sec, if i only have yahoo open with msg windows open.
the active message window I'm in seems to go inactive and the main yahoo program window becomes active. this happens if I'm typing or not. if I'm using word and typing this doesnt happen.

i've ran SPYBOT, MalwareBytes, Disabled, turned off or closed all other programes.
tried new kybd & mouse, installed Process & TCP viewers, reinstalled yahoo 10...
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GST-GRIDTECHAuthor Commented:
Problem seems realted to the installed tool Bar or Updater service.
after uninstalling BOTH, problem seemed to go away......
GST-GRIDTECHAuthor Commented:
after uninstalling tool Bar and Updater service i no longer have the problemm
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