Html To PDF using ASP - ABCPDF

hi guys,

i am trying to convert a html page to ASP using ABCPDF however even though it is backwards compatible i cannot work out how to use it in classic ASP?

could someone shed some light?

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Robert SchuttConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Well they have an excellent help resource on their website but I would assume you have already started there. (just in case: )

Looking at that, I would say what you're trying to do is described here: 

If not, here are some specific questions that may help me help you:
- Where are you with your project, don't know how to start or stuck at some specific task?
- Coding done but not running on production server?
- What is your source exactly (guessing: an external URL), and the destination? (guessing: a pdf file or streamed response)
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