Check Scritp to find Total # of Unassigned PP's

I'm not an AIX admin by a long shot but I need to write a script that woud do the following.

Take the total number of PP from lsvp -p rootvg and the total PP's from lsvg rootvg and calucation the difference and show this number as the amount of PP's that are unassigned
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( lsvg; echo; df -g ) | mail -s "Subject"
Did you ever look at "FREE PPs:" in the output of "lsvg rootvg"?

It should tell you all you want to know.
It even has the number of Megabytes (in parentheses).
compdigit44Author Commented:

BTW, could can I run two different AIX on the same line and have there results display on screen inwhich they were processed..

for example df -g ; lsvg

When I run the above in a script only the lsvg command is displayed
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compdigit44Author Commented:
I'm actually try to run both command in one line and have the results of both command appears in the body of an email

Right now only the last command list shows up in the body of the email
( lsvg ; df -g ) | mail -s "Subject"

You can issue an "lsvg vgname" against all of your VGs in one go, like this:

( lsvg | lsvg -i; df -g ) | mail -s "Subject"
compdigit44Author Commented:
Thanks.. This is what I was looking for..

Is there anyway to have AIX insert a line break after each command???
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