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My client says she has too much wireless security, and wants too downgrade to a system that lets her friends log into her wireless more easily when needed. This is not my area, so who can tell me: She's on MacOsX 10.6.8. Her security mode is noted as WPA  TKIP.  The airport window says she has WPA2 personal. When she wants to lg people in she says there are too many hoops to jump through and it's confusing. Her security need is minimal. Can she return to a simpler level? Is WPA personal better for her, and how do we reset it?  Thanks!
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the question is how hard is it for her - what does she mean 'too many hoops' - if the wireless access point is setup with wpa you can give her a security key and her friends can easily connect simply entering that key.
Find out what steps she has to take and we can see if there are other features (such as mac address filtering) turned on that would certainly complicate things.

all these settings are change in the router or access point.
wpa2 version is newer version of wpa, either of using them will ask a passphrase to connect to the router for internet (network) access. setting the wpa passphare you have to login to the router generally or on default if not modified. or just check the ip of your laptop when connected through the lan, also default username and password of the router may be admin /admin. just log on to it and inside the wireless (wlan) section check the security settings for wpa and set the passphrase. good luck
Buy a 2nd WiFi router/access point. Plug the WAN of the new AP into one of the LAN ports on the existing WPA secured AP/Router.

Let the new router do DHCP, and don't put any security on it.

This will pass out IP addresses in the default 192.168.xx.xx block (true for most WiFi/routers) and force any incoming connections to bypass her local LAN and go directly to the cable or dsl modem and out to the internet.

This keeps her computer OFF their radar assuming she has a different IP for her own DHCP base address, like as the address of her router/ap. The new router/ap will think it's on a big network and will get an address for it's WAN port in the 172.16.xx.xx. range, but will pass out IPs in the 192.168.xx.xx. range and keep her friends out of her local system.

If this sounds interesting, I'll fill in more details, but this is how to share internet access but not allow visitors into the local network, as the new router will push all packets directy to the cable/dsl modem, and not onto the local LAN.
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There are also routers on the market that support two SSIDs; one that connects to the LAN and one that connects to the WAN.
I think the cgaDesign wants visitors to be able to access the WAN (internet) without WPA, but retain security (and internet access) for users who have the WPA key.

Using two SOHO router/ap (fairly inexpensive solution) one with WPA a second WIthout will give both sets of users access to the internet but not to each subnet.
cgaDesignAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help. I realize the question was not as clear as it should have been as this is not at all my area. In order to reset the security, I had to hook up through the ethernet cable. Then your answers helped me find my way around!
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