Cisco 5505 behind BB modem, modem is getting DHCP address

I have a remote tower that I need access to, its only connection is via a BB modem. It gets an IP address via dhcp. behind that I have my 5505. If i set up a l2l tunnel using the ip address, it works as it is supposed to. But if I register with Dyndns and try to us a name at the main site versus an IP address, it does not work. Dyndns is resolving the correct address, I know that if i use a name instead of an IP address i have to authenticate using a digital cert, i have trid all and still no joy. On the main station side i am getting this:

4      Aug 22 2012      12:14:13      713903                              Group =, IP =, Can't find a valid tunnel group, aborting...!

That is because the group has a name, not an IP address.

any ideas?
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whroadminConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found a solution to this issue, using and setting the mode to aggressive fixed the issue i was having
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