Outlook locks up when removed from the docking station

Outlook locks up when HP Laptop removed from the docking station
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Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
On most docks there is a safe removal option.  Usually if you use this, applications won't lock up.  Look for some sort of button the dock, or an icon on your laptop to get it to safely undock.
When removing from a docking station the computer goes through multiple process to stop running all the functions that ran with the docking station. IE- USB ports, Power to Battery process (could include power settings) printers that were plugged in, Internet connectivity switching to wireless or none at all.

Is your outlook currently all the way up to date? Are you connected to an exchange server?

If at all possible you should put your computer in sleep/hibernate/standby before taking it out of a docking station. It is never good to pull out a computer when it is active. The same goes for when unplugging memory sticks, the read and write are still active to anything you had plugged in to your ports.
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