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I need to edit the text of a PDF form.  When I edit the master document in Microsoft Word and reimport into Adobe Pro I have to go through and recreate my Form inputs and dropdowns.

Their must be an easier way?

Am I doing something wrong or do I need a different program to edit the text in the PDF form document.  I know how to do basic text edits in Adobe Pro.

Please Advise,

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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:

what I usually do is to save a backup copy of the form in a safe place. I then recreate the form after making my edits. This gives me the form without the form fields, but these are still in my saved backup.

I now open both forms, the old one and the new in 'Form Editing' Mode. In the old one I select all form fields (CTRL or COMMAND + A) and copy these to clipboard  (CTRL or COMMAND + C).

Now I paste the clipboard contents into the new form  (CTRL or COMMAND + V)and this places the fields in their relative positions onto the form. I only need to align the fields in respect of the proper location and for any fields that may have moved.

On multipage documents I repeat the process for each page.

I then save the new file, close the old file and make another backup copy of the new file over the old to have a new safe backup. This always retains all properties for the fields and no adding is required for the existing fields.

It is quick and easy.

Yagya ShreeCommented:
You can use Acrobat X pro to edit PDF file and do minor editing. This is a good solution available from adobe and will fulfill your need.

Please refer:

Tony_RhoadesAuthor Commented:
I am familiar with this function and unfortunately it is not capable of handling my editing requirements.  I believe I need to edit in the Source Document but I don't want to have to recreate the form fields and properties everytime I edit the Source File.  In this case the source file is a word document.

Is it possible to somehow edit the PDF as the Source Document so the Forms fields and properties are retained?
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