Cisco ASA CSC module and content filtering and websense

We have a current web filtering solution that we are looking at replacing with this offering from Cisco possibly.  If I understand correctly, in order to get category based content filtering and policies, we'd still need Websense in addition to this module.  Is that correct?

Also, can we do web filtering with websense on the ASA without the module?  As I understand, I think we can, but wasn't sure.  

If someone could elaborate more on this, that would be great.
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amatson78Connect With a Mentor Sr. Security EngineerCommented:
You can also use URL filtering for Stand alone Websense or WCCP with the Websense Content Gateway without need for the module. Both are effective and very minimal configuration in the ASA

ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you would need websense to do category filtering

yes you can do regex based filtering on an ASA without the CSC
jpletcher1Author Commented:
Thanks, that's what I needed to know.
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