c# program pauses when machine is locked

Hi All,

I have a winform c# program thats on a 5 minute timer.  Once the timer counts down to zero, the program reads my outlook emails, then launches an excel object and does STUFF.

Here is the problem.  When I lock my machine, the timer still counts down, but hangs when it reaches zero.  It never launches the rest of the code.  When I log back in I see, the timer at zero, then the program continues as if nothing happened.  This is on my work pc with windows xp in a corporate environment.

Any ideas why my code hangs or how to prevent it?

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Hi Solarissf,

When the computer goes into locked mode it's considered that no user is interacting with the desktop. While you can still execute code in a locked workstation it's the automation code that is the real problem. You may not be able to perform certain automation tasks while the desktop is in a locked state.
solarissfAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks
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