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This is the scenario. There are two active directory domain controllers,  but one has exchange 2010. Everything is working fine, no issues as of yet. Question is can I run dcpromo to remove the AD service off the exchange server since we have the other AD server setup? Will there be an issue?
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Answer is

Yes - you will face issues when you demote the box
Yes - There are hell lot of problems that will crop up once you try to get DC out of the Exchange box,

it'll corrupt your IIS metabase - that means Exchange needs re-install
it'll corrupt your AD Topology - that'll mean Exchange cannot talk to existing AD Environment.
Lastly, you end up in a unsupported environment.

Hope you can weigh the risks for such a thought.

Firstly it is not recommended to have exchange 2010 on a DC.
Secondly it is not recommended to remove AD from exchange server.
Check this from MS.

Installing Exchange 2010 on Directory Servers
Simplify Active Directory Administration

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dassr23Author Commented:
Thanks for the article and this is why I am asking the question. It was already setup like this when I took over and I would like to improve the server performance by removing the unnecessary AD services. Will there be any major issues if I do so? There is already a ad domain controller in place so I would like to think "no", but we know that's never the case. Any guidance or tips are appreciated.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Question is can I run dcpromo to remove the AD service off the exchange server since we have the other AD server setup? - Please do not do so as it can break Exchange application and to get it back to services would be a Big issue :) Believe me

Check this artice
Overview of operating system and Active Directory requirements for Exchange Server 2003

- Rancy
How about building a second exchange server hosting the CAS,HT and MBX roles, replicating the mailbox databases to the new server and then instead of removing the AD services from the exchange server just uninstall the exchange roles from the domain controller?
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