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I work in a small private school for autisitic children and the school is starting to plan an expansion, thus they want to replace the phone system.  
What are some features that you have purchased and liked, did not like, wish you would have purchased?
Which phone system do you have, I have used avaya and cisco in the past?
Did you go digital, IP or a mix? and why?
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@ Randy1279

    For a non-profit with limited funds you should look at an Asterisk project. I recommend PBXinaFlash but there are a number of others around as well.   (Now has it's own distro)

   An if you need a Robot Dialer to make notifications for the student body add Newfies.

When I was looking to expand our phone system, we couldnt purchase same type of system (Siemens) as it was end-of-life.  We looked at:

Avaya but found voicemail was hosted on seperate PC; couldnt get it piggy-backed to existing digital system; poor cordless choices (coverage and quantity);
Cisco but found it was too dear and cordless option wasn't good, never loked into piggy-backing
Mitel - voicemail built in to PBX, cordless phone very robust (worked from IP DECT transmitter and could host the volume we reuqired), was piggy-backed within 10 minutes of a test PBX being brought to site

Found Mitel system relatively easy to use and the licensing model was quite fair, cost of handsets etc wasn't too bad either...
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