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I recently passed my VCP4 and VCP5 and I wanted to know if there's a VCP logo that goes along with the cerfitication?  If so, where can I get this from?
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piyushranusriConnect With a Mentor System Cloud SpecialistCommented:
on vmware education site...
create your login with your training will get one logo..
and other wise just google..
When you receive your certificates, you will, amog other things, receive instructions and links to a lot of resources, including VCP logos.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
There is a logo you can use, when you receive you instructions and login to the VMware Education Site, under your certifications, is the VCP Logo for you to use.

Login to VMware Education, and check Certifications, could be up to 6-8 weeks.

However, plenty of other VCP websites also have the VCP logo available.
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