Connecting multiple Cisco switches

I am trying to connect a second switch (Catalyst 2960-S) to an existing Catalyst 2960-G. The G belongs to a third party company that manages my IP phones; they have 2 different Vlans on the G switch. One of the vlans is for just data (Vlan 1), the other is for phones and data (Vlan 10). I am wanting to connect this switch on the Vlan that is both phones and data. How would I go about configuring this?
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Unless you can get them to configure a Q trunk, you will have to connect 2 ports.......One in each vlan to your switch and configure accordingly.

On the 2960S the trunk interface will be configured with the command:

 switchport mode trunk

If there are two isolated vlan connections it will look similar to the following:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/23
 switchport access vlan 8
 switchport mode access
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/24
 switchport access vlan 18
 switchport mode access

You will change the vlan id's and port designations as necessary.
j_crow1Author Commented:
I am just wanting to leave the default vlan 1 on the S switch, so I just configure the first port on the S switch with the vlan info for the G switch?

For example I want to connect to the Vlan 10 on the G switch, so I need to use:
switchport access vlan10
on the S switch? Or does it matter what the vlan number is on the S switch?
Unless what you are doing is supported by the third party provider, I wouldn't attempt this.  I can think of at least a couple of features (Port security, spanning-tree BPDUGuard, STP vlan ID consistency) that may lock the port, resulting in you having to call the provider, or reset the switch.
Unfragmented has a point, but if you do proceed disable CDP on the new switch on any ports that connect to the existing switch. That will prevent ports being disabled due to vlan mismatch.
j_crow1Author Commented:
I will do it with their help...I am just unfamiliar with the switch commands.
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