how to view command window in Task Scheduler Server 2003

Hi, I have a robocopy batch file that I run through task scheduler, it seems to run but I would like to see the command window when it does.  Funny thing, some servers it pops up, and some it seems to run in a hidden window.  I can't seem to find where this is.  I think one server it would run in my face if I unchecked the "run only if the user is logged in".

Question: how do I make it run visable all the time, or even while I need it to?

Thanks all.
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DanConnect With a Mentor OwnerAuthor Commented:
Well I am logged in, and want to view the batch file running for trouble shooting reasons.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
If no user is logged in then it will never show! This would be a massive security hole should it be allowed, fortunately it is not.
DanOwnerAuthor Commented:
never answered, my account is now locked do to it, have to do this
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