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Active Directory, Exchange & iPad

We're beginning a pilot program in our school district that has carts of iPads for students to use.  Some staff & teachers have also been assigned units.
Each of the iPads is supposed to have an associated email address so that the approved apps can be downloaded and installed via the App store.
Here's the rub - that's a lot of email accounts that will ultimately fill up because no one will be monitoring them.  Right now, the units assisgned to a specific staff member or teacher has the associated iPad email being forwarded to their own email account - that way the iPad email account never gets full.
What I'd like to do for the iPads in the carts is make an Active Directory account but have some sort of dummy email account (not really an email account but an email like address like iPad@domain.com) that can serve as a forwarding address.  In other words, the Apple response would be sent to iPad@domain.com and even though that's not a real address, Exchange would know to forward to whatever real eamail address we want to point it to.  We're using Exchange 2010 and I haven't had to do much with resource mailboxes or other features so is what I'm asking possible?
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I'm confused in how you wrote this question, but let me try to help.

I think you are saying you want to create an email address that does not create a mailbox, but rather forwards emails to other email addresses?

if so, create mail contacts on the server and forward them as needed.
So, what you're thinking of is - each iPAD user - to login using a differnt account to sign in and to receive emails of their original emails.

In other words, Mr X has an Ipad and he should check his email using email id iPAD33@domain.com instead of his email id X@domain.com.

If this be the case, you'll need to perform the following steps.

=> Provide iPAD33@domain.com full mailbox and Send As rights on X@domain.com
=> Have forwarding and delivery to mailbox setup on X@domain.com to iPAD33@domain.com

If i am wrong in understanding, please correct me.

skbarnardAuthor Commented:
Techneut - you have the correct picture. Sometimes my details get in the way of what I'm really asking.

Next question for you --- Can any email address be used or does it have to be an external email address?  The email address we'll want to forward to is on our internal network.
Yes you can make any email address, internal or external. Test it with yourself and you will see how easy it is.
skbarnardAuthor Commented:
See my comment for a further question and the response back from Techneut.  
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