SBS 2011 Essentials as Internet Gateway

I tried to configure a SBS 2011 Essentials to work as the Internet Gateway for the PCs in the internal network.
The server is using 2 network cards (1 for the internal LAN, 1 for the Internet). The Server is connected to a ADSL Router/Modem.
From the server I have no problems to connect to the internet.
On the clients I configured the Server internal IP as the Standard Gateway and the DNS Server (DHCP setting on the Server).
But the clients can only connect to the Internet if I add the external ISP DNS server IP address as the second DNS server.
How do I have to configure the SBS 2011 Essentials so that the clients only need the Server internal IP as the Standard Gateway and the DNS Server to connect to the Internet... means the SBS should act as the gateway for all clients?
Thanks for the help.
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SBS 2008/2011 will not support 2 NIC's., and will not support being a gateway!

If you wish to install the VPN you need to use the SBS wizard, not the RRAS wizard.  However on Essentials there is no wizard so see the following instructions to enable the VPN.
The VPN will work fine with one NIC. but the RRAS wizard is designed to use two.

If you enable a second NIC, the BPA will fail, if you have DHCP on the SBS with 2 NIC's it will fail, some of the SBS wizards will fail, and more.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
It's not possible and hasn't been since SBS 2003. SBS 2008/2011/Essentials will only support a single NIC.  Adding a second will break several services.  Also Internet sharing is disabled by default on SBS.
itswerderAuthor Commented:
I have installed a few SBS 2003 Standard and SBS 2008 Standard and was allways required to have 2 NICs for the Gateway and VPN functions.
This is my first SBS 2011 Essentials. When I did the setting for the RAS/VPN function with one NIC disabled, I got the error that the Server needs 2 NICs for the RAS/VPN function. So I enabled the second NIC, did the LAN & WAN setting on the Server with 2 NICs and run the RAS/VPN wizard again and got no error anymore.
Now I just need the clients to connect to the Internet thru the Server.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
PS- why do you want to use the server as a gateway?
itswerderAuthor Commented:
Thanks... I tried to setup the VPN and didn't found the wizard. when I used the RAS wizard to setup the VPN it asked me for 2 NICs. That was the only reason for the gateway need.
I will try your suggestion.
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