SSRS 2008: The request failed with HTTP Status 401: Unauthorized


We have SSRS 2008 running on our production SQL Server, where I have deployed a data source and report. We are trying to display that report from our application using the “ReportViewer” control. The report only displays if I provide the Windows Server's Administrative Credentials to the report viewer control using the following line of code


If I do not provide these credentials OR provide any of the credentials used to access the database, I get an exception that says “The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized”.

Since I have to provide Windows Administrative credentials that we use to logon to the server, I do not feel it is a secure way of generating reports.

I tried adding the following line to web.config “<identity impersonate=”true”>”, but that did not help.

I also added a new user with the type "Browser" role, but I do not know how to connect with this new user as I do not see a Windows account with the same user name.

My questions are as follows:

1) Is there a way to generate the reports on our Reporting Server and have them display on a aspx page without providing these Credentials?

2) Since reporting service runs on port 80, do I need to create a Firewall rule for that port.

3) Do I need to create a new Windows user without Admin privilidges with the same Username as the new user I created on SSRS?
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you should have to configure your reportting service with built in admin user only

2)port 80 enough,no need for firewall rule

3)after that you give only browser access to your user with whom you call ssrss report in .net application
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