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HP D2600 Keeps Crashing When Connected To Two Hosts

Hi there, We have just purchased two DL370 G6 servers each with a P812 smart array controller and a shared D2600 disk enclosure with 12 2TB disks in. We planned to install each server onto a seperate bootable logical disk on the D2600 which would then also store all the virtual images to act as a clustered shared volume in the event of a hardware server fault. However, whenever we install onto the D2600, we can get both OSs (Win Datacenter 2008 R2 64-Bit) installed and a few drivers and updates, then the logical disks appear to become corrupted and unusable.  
Troubleshooting steps taken:
We have built one server at a time, which appears to be fine. However, as soon as another server is added and is up and working, it shortly seems to crash and lose both environments. Can you provide any information why this may be occuring. We did consult with an HP reseller who themselves spoke to HP regarding this and we were given this hardware as the best solution in this configuration.  

If this is the wrong configuration, please can anyone suggest a suitable piece of equipment to do this job?

Many thanks

Bob Sampson
Bob Sampson
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D2600 is not a shared disk enclosure, it has two SAS ports for redundancy when connected to a single host. Whoever told you that you could use it as shared storage should be kicked out of the playground!


"The D2000 enclosures support direct attach storage to ProLiant Servers with the HP Smart Array P411, P212, P812, P222, P421 or the P822 Controllers. On HP ProLiant and Integrity servers Dual Domain support is available for the HP Smart Array P411 & P812 Controllers attached to a D2600/D2700. (Single initiator environment only.) HP UX 11iv3 and Windows 2008 R2 OS supported for HP Integrity servers (single initiator environment only). Blade 6Gb SAS connectivity is enabled using a HP Smart Array P711m and P721m Controllers, 6Gb SAS BL Switches and the D2000 disk enclosures."
Oh, suitable equipment...

http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13551_div/13551_div.html (AW593A)

Unfortunately the D2600 isn't officially supported when connected to a P2000 MSA although it should work, the D2700 SFF enclosure is supported though. The P812 controllers won't act as HBAs so they're no use either, for a P2000 SAS connected array dumb SAS HBAs are required since RAID functions are handled by the P2000.  Even the disks aren't usable in the P2000 although it's probably just a caddy swap. The SAS cables are the only usable part, you'll have to send the whole lot back.
Any joy with your reseller?

There isn't a hope in hell of getting it working, each RAID controller caches writes which the other controller won't see until the cache is flushed. Even if you disabled the cache you'd still have the problem of both controllers wanting to build the arrays and rebuild them after a disk failure, they'd fight for the disks over background tasks such as the surface analysis tests they do when the host access is low.

If you're stuck with the kit one possibility would be buy another D2600, attach one to each server and use LeftHand VSA for a virtual SAN. Quite a lot of cost in that of course, probably a similar price of getting a P2000 plus HBAs.
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