Connection to Exchange 2003 using HTTP

Just started today that when I open Outlook 2003 it takes awhile and then it says that your exchange server is unavailable. I hit retry and it will connect. No one else in the office is having this issue. This is a VPN site to site setup.

I am thinking something with the router or cable, but could it be something with the PC. I have checked the latest drivers, I can ping the exchange server, and I can browse the network on the other end of the VPN.
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calitechAuthor Commented:
It was related to SSL certs
Is there a PST file attached to the outlook profile?
If so, it is server-based or on a share?

This can cause outlook to time out, and because non-local PST files are not supported, it will complain about the server.
Try removing any PSTs from the profile and see if you still get the error.

Old local PST files can become large and slow, this can also affect performance on startup.

You would need to check if there are other users facing a similar issue in the same setup. There may be occasional hitch ups in the network, and outlook connection to exchange.

Navdeep [v-2nas]
Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Check the exchange services are running state.
calitechAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
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