How to configure sftp job in control-M

This is using BMC Control-M. My management has some sftp jobs that need to schedule to run in the fixed interval. Can I schedule to run these job in the control-M? I understand that sftp username/password are needed, but, is there a way to "hide" these credentials? Btw, can show some samples in step-by-step?

Thanks in advance.
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AlexPaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you used Robo-FTP to do the SFTP job you could save the login credentials in a "Managed Site" record.  This would encrypt the password and store it in the registry.  Your SFTP script would only have the Managed Site name.  You could launch it with Control-M as a Windows Scheduled Task or you could even configure it to run as a windows service that sleeps all day and only awakens at fixed intervals.
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
Hi AlexPace,

Instead of using Robo-Ftp - this 3rd-party utility, any alternative method? This is because extra cost involved in purchasing the software is beyond the budget, management may not approve.
There is no SFTP functionality built into Windows.  The $150 cost of a Robo-FPT license should not be a major issue, especially since that includes a year of free upgrades and support.  BMC Control-M is not exactly shareware if you know what I mean.  An hour of your time as a software developer will cost your management more than a Robo-FTP license.  It has a 30day free trial download so you can see if it works before spending any money.

There is a shareware program named WinSCP that does SFTP and has some very basic scripting ability. WinSCP scripting is weak compared to Robo-FTP but it may work for your needs.  Try it and see.  If you end up needing support though you'd be better off with the commercial product.
MezzutOzilAuthor Commented:
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