Exchange 2012 Outlook Web Access through Watchguard XTM26


I am having trouble getting through a Watchguard XTM26 to a customers OWA.

To remove some variables, I am now simply trying to RDP into the server (to ensure I have the Firewall ports open as needed etc) but cannot even do that.

I have attached an image of the ports I have opened - is there anything else I should need to do to the XTM26 to enable outside access, whether it be for RDP or something more advanced as OWA.

Getting RDP to work would be a start - at least I would know I was on the right path! I know that in the past it has been as simple as just configuring the port to point to the server with everything else working 'out of the box' as they say...

Thanks in advance...

Image of firewall ports that have been opened
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hcittechConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

I found the answer... Unike previous versions of this firewall, you need to configure the routes more specifically.

If anyone else has similar issues please read the latest or most relavent Watchguard help guides as they may answer some previous contradicting setup instructions.
The server itself might have a firewall such as the Windows Integrated Firewall or Microsoft's ISA/TMG.
Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
Are you able to traceroute to the server?  If not, where does it fail?

Can you "telnet REMOTEHOST 3389"  Does it wait, or disconnect immediately?

If waiting, then you've connected to the TS.  If it disconnects immediately, you aren't getting there in the first place.
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hcittechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick response...

The Windows Fierewall is on but RDP is allowed on the Domain, Private & Public networks so should be accessable externally (I have not moved on to OWA yet, if I cannot get RDP through then I can forget OWA).

Even though RDP is allowed, it might be set to accept only connections from the local subnet.
hcittechAuthor Commented:
Finally found solution via Watchguards latest help files...
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