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Enterprise Setup

Dear Sirs,

Thank you all very much for your extended support.

We are planning to expand our business fro 35 people to 400 people in our company. Now the set up is like workgroup network and accessing internet through wifi like that.

But now we are lucky that we got new assignments and there is need to expand the business. I want to create a windows domain, and a deployment solution for OS installation and software installations. Also I want to setup a helpdesk team for live support.

I have some experience in windows domain set up. But, just wanted to take your valuable suggestion to proceed further with this assignment.

The set up should include the following.

1. Active Directory
2. Microsoft Exchange for mails and meetings.
3. Deployment Tool(SCCM,MDT/or any 3rd party tool) - preferably SCCM.
4. Antivirus Software and server.
5. Internet firewall for filtering Website traffic.

Please provide your suggestion. What are the necessary pre-requisites for this kind of setup. Hardware and software requirements.. etc etc...

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Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Really depends. but from 35 to 400, the major different is numbers i.e. you must make sure your system has high availability and disaster recovery plan.
I will recommend virtualisation since you will need a few servers to start with.

1. Active Directory -> 2 domain controllers
2. Microsoft Exchange for mails and meetings. -> 3 Exchange servers?
3. Deployment Tool(SCCM,MDT/or any 3rd party tool) - preferably SCCM. -> SCCM can be done. depends on what software you want to deploy. I will prefer portable app, ninite.com also provide some deployment for 3rd party program, but SCCM allow you to package/sequencing any product. you need some one who knows how to package SCCM to fully benefit from it.
4. Antivirus Software and server. -> again, this can be anything, like symantec, mcafee and etc, but prefer centrally managed?
5. Internet firewall for filtering Website traffic. -> you can use TMG server (lean to microsoft) or buy a appliance to do it, like websense, redcoat, mcaffe all offers something similiar to what you want.

Again, thinking whether you should local administrator rights to be given to local PC will be a topic,
what type of group policy you want to push out?
what type of compliance you need to follow?

What else you want to know?
Hi Venkat,

System design is a detailed process that can include a lot of factfinding elements, budgets, software requirements and planning.

While we can give you pointers on here, it would be difficult to provide a proper recommendation over a forum. Additionally, do not take any advice on here as gospel. Before implementing anything do your own research into the chosen system. Mistakes in the planning stage can cause you problems for many years to come.

In general, Design of the active directory would require info on the structure of your company so its tough to give good advice with so little info. It does sound like you will need at least 2 DCs and an e-mail server though. If you company wants resilience this would increase consierably as this would be a bare minimum based on your requirements.

If you could provide any info on budget, and company structure, desired resilience & disaster recovery plans we can probably give you some reasonable advice.
venkatspbSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
I will get back with more details.
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Any updates?
venkatspbSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
I will come back with full requirements very soon. Thank you very much for the follow up.
venkatspbSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
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