Active Directory Domain Rename

We wat to rename the domain from to customer.local including the NETBIOS name. I found some usefull documents from Microsoft regarding the rename.

What we want to know is what to do with the following devices / software
- VMware Virtual Center
- NetApp Storage
- Exact Software

Do we need to do anythin special for them or do we need some configuration changes?
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Answer starts on All appli....
Sorry for the first paragraph it was other question answer...
OK. But please if you get stuck make another question so I may receive more points. This is a huge issue.
All applications that use DNS to resolve a name to a specific machine will be affected with this change. Normally all applications that give support to multiple domains will need to store FQDN to make sure that uniquely identify the machine. Applications are free to choose the way to store that info so only its developers can tell.
My suggestion is to have a DNS server responding to the old domain name with CNAME records that points to Host A record in the new domain name DNS server, this way you will have time to change settings in those applications to let them know the new name.
ITSN-VenloAuthor Commented:
It's clear that I can get some DNS issues if an application uses FQDN. The hostname of the systems won't change.

Als they have some Linux and MAC computers. Those can be removed and added to the domain again.

They use a single domain and it's not a big company. They use central NetApp Storage. What I found on the net was that the NetApp stores the SIDs of the accounts. Thos will remain the same after a domein rename, so I should be able to rerun the CIFS wizard to reconnect it to the new domain.

Then Only the Exact (SQL Application) and VMware Virtual Center (Uses SQL Express and I think a Ldap connection to the domain) remains.
Oh! Sorry, you where worry about user accounts and computer accounts, not about computer names.
I haven’t read about that but I almost sure SID will not change; you are not dropping a domain a generating a new one, so you are not dropping accounts and generating new ones. Even passwords must remain same in the domain controller storage.
Storing the SID in storage applications is necessary because is one of the parameters of every ACL. This means that if SID changes every File Server in the domain would need to go through every file in its file system and remake the ACL ;-).
I believe that the only problem would be with DNS…. (Be careful with DNS).
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