Move VM between Storage classifications in Virtual manager 2012

We just move to Virtual Manager 2012 . We have a hyper-v infrastructure based on ISCI SAN or local attached storage.
We don't use fabric and SMI at the moment but VMM 2012 seems classify automatically the VHD mounted on ISCI SAN in the "Remote Storage" Classification and local VHD as "Local Storage" .. seems logical !

But, I want to move a VM with VHD classification "remote storage" to a local storge host and I can't . I receive a error on the target when using the move virtual machine wizard.

Is it a way to disable this behavior or force the move to a different classification ?

Tks for your help
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comnutsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some questions:
1. Hyper-v is Windows 2008 R2?
2. Clustered or standalone?
3. How many hosts?
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