Shared Printers on Window Servers

Is it possbile to use the shared printers on Window printer 2008 server on a MAC book ?

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NO. Windows printer servers have to main functions:
Distribute drivers to its clients.
Authenticate users that use the printer.
Windows printer servers have not drivers for apple computer.
Apple computers have no support to be a client on a Windows domain; it may have with third parties software.
Have not had to setup, but you might consider looking into adding the unix related tools on windows 2008 And then use that access to print from the Mac.
I don’t think unix related tools will let printer server make its work. If your printer is connected to the server through a NIC you make skip the server and go directly to the printer. This will make more sense.
You can certainly print from a Mac to a printer shared from a Windows machine.  

The details vary slightly depending on the version of MacOS you are running.  I've found that on on Lion (10.7.x) you can usually find windows printers via the normal Print & Scan section of the System Preferences.   Just click the + under the printer list, and then select the Windows button on the top of the resulting popup.

If your printer doesn't appear, you may need to enable the Advanced button (on that same popup) and use that to configure the windows smb:// url -- I've written about this before, but I can't find my solution.  However, here is the same process described by another expert.

I usually just use the "guest" user to connect to windows printers, but this authentication seems to need repeating every time you print.  If you have a "real" user on that windows server, it may allow you to print without having to enter it each time.
Go to System Preferences, Print and Scan, use the (+) button to add a printer.

Add a printer using the "IP" selection, then in Protocol choose "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP"

At the bottom, use "Print Using" and select a printer model, or pick something generic that might work, they have Generic PCL, or if it's a Post Script printer, you can try the Apple Laser Writer II (pretty basic, generic PS printer).

Then enter the IP address in the "Address" text box and then ADD.

This should work fine.

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