A controller Failure Event

I have an HP ML310 that constantly reboots.. It has an HP Smart Array E200 Controller.
During booting, it shows 1719-Slot 3 Drive Array - A Controller failure event occurred prior to this power-up. (Previous lock up code = 0x91)
Then it goes to PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, Check Cable.
Sometimes it will boot up and run for awhile then go into a reboot loop.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!!

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If the Drive Array Controller is in a physical slot (i.e. not integrated on the motherboard), then unseat it and reseat it (with the power off).

If it's still unhappy, try running the drive array controller without RAM/Battery - I've seen that be the cause of a problem or two.  If it's more stable, replace the RAM/Battery with new.

If you have an HP Smart Start CD, you can boot to that and use the Insight Diagnostics option in there to try to get some more information.

If you also get the HP Support Pack for Proliants (or whatever it's called now!) and run the firmware check, you may be able to upgrade the firmware and fix the problem.

Both the above assume you can boot from a CD or DVD.
pathwayscsbAuthor Commented:
Also it shows 1783-Slot 3 Drive Array Controller Failure:
[Command failure (cmd-B1h, err=00h, dlu=0391:0h)]

1783-Slot 3 Drive Array Controller Failure
[Init failure (cmd64h, err=20h)]
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Constantly reboots? You mean it works in Windows and then self-restarts?
If yes then it is BSODing. Find out the minidump file and see what is causing the problem.
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>>  Then it goes to PXE-E61 Media Test Failure, Check Cable.  <<  this means it does not find a bottable drive
do your drives show up in the bios ?
it looks like one or more drives in the array are bad
pathwayscsbAuthor Commented:
I replaced the battery and it works great now! Thanks!!!
pathwayscsbAuthor Commented:
Well, the battery worked for about 3 days. I replaced the memory module too.
I am now getting
1783-Slot 3 Drive Array Controller Failure!
[Controller Self-test failure]

Any more thoughts?
maybe a dying Array controller?
unless you have another drive going down
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