Fireworks CS5 :: filling a hand-made polygon

Hi there,

I must use Adobe Fireworks CS5.

Let´s say I create three line segments to form a triangle (not equilateral, not specific, general). I would like to "connect" the three vertices for the fireworks to understand that this is a limited region, and after that I want to color that region.

Please help step-by-step to do the bold part. Please do not teach me how to do another thing. I want to learn how to proceed as mentioned in the above paragraph.

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Hi fskilnik,
I want to create "irregular" polygons...
If you create an irregular shape with the Polygon Lasso Tool and double-cllick, the shape will be automatically closed. If you double-click on the resulting shape, you can modify it using the diamond-shaped points. You can do the same thing with any autoshape you create.

But you seem only to want to use the Combine Paths function! I found this document on Scribd: ADOBE FIREWORKS CS5. However, the process seems much more complex than what I have explained... If you go to the document, search for "Combine Paths".
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:

I posted an answer in the original question
fskilnikAuthor Commented:
Hi there!

I had the same problem in the past, and it was marvellously solved in the fireworks 8 framework...

The question was presented here:

and the "perfect answer" (as far as my taste/necessity is concerned) was that:

>>Using the line tool I draw 3 line segments that I would like to consider a triangle. I want to shade the internal area of this "triangle".<<

Select all three lines.. go..

Modify/Convert to bitmap
select the Paint Bucket from the tools
click on the internal area of your triangle


In other words, where do I find in Fireworks CS5 the same possibilities or, if not possible, could I work in Fireworks CS5 with some sort of "same procedure"? How?

fskilnikAuthor Commented:
If you create an irregular shape with the Polygon Lasso Tool and double-cllick, the shape will be automatically closed.
Excellent, Paul. Your suggestion and the aid of edit > cut chosen bitmap will do the trick beautifully!

Thanks also for the document on Scribd. It will also be very useful.

See you in other EE posts!

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