Seeking Wordpress plugin for course registration w/ecommerce functionality

I'm seeking a Wordpress plugin for course registration that has ecommerce functionality built in (ie: must support either or USA ePay).

The plugin should have inventory management features built-in (we need to keep track of how many "seats" have been sold for a course vs. how many seats are actually available) -- and it's important that the ecommerce functionality NOT redirect the user to any other sites/domains.  We want to keep the customer on the same site/domain at all times throughout the checkout process.  

I am already aware of the "Event Espresso" plugin, .. and am considering getting the Premium edition.  However, .. I am interested in other possible solutions, .. paid or otherwise.  In particular -- I am interested in solutions that are regarded as being even better than Event Espresso.

 Please advise.

- Yvan
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Event Espresso is pretty good.  For an alternative (I hesitate to say "better" as I think they are different types of plugins) I would refer to you Events Manager Pro:

There is a free version that doesn't do e-commerce but the Pro version does and it supports
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